Radiation Protection, Shielding From EMF and RF Dangers

Some forms of pollution are more recognizable than others. You would be shocked to wake up one morning and find your lawn littered with bio-hazardous waste. Yet each day, we are exposed to unknown levels of radiation pollution. This invisible pollutant is present in the form of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Radio Frequencies (RFs) in our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces.

Laptops, cell phones, microwaves, Bluetooth connections – all give out either EMF or RF radiation and over time, this can be damaging to our health. So what can we do to protect ourselves from this high level of radiation exposure?

EMF and RF Dangers

The main RF danger is that these waves can interfere with the normal function and development of our cells at the molecular level, causing mutations, sickness and even cancer.

No one is disputing the fact the EMF and RF waves can be dangerous. However, the level at which they become harmful to humans is a hot topic of debate. Microwaves, cell phones and other devices must meet standards set out by government officials to ensure they are not exposing the user to a dangerous level of radiation. But with wireless networks and technologies such as Bluetooth, it is impossible to know just how much radiation a person is exposed to throughout the day as they come in contact with the waves of several different devices in a given area.

Protecting Yourself Against Radiation

Whilst the dangers of radiation are fairly serious, there are measures we can take to limit our exposure and the effect of that exposure on our bodies.

Radiation shielding limits the flow of the electromagnetic fields running between two different locations. They do this through the use of a conductive material which acts as a barrier. Usually they are applied to cables for example where the barrier stops the radiation from getting out of the cable into the outside area. This process is also often referred to as RF shielding and it has proven to be extremely effective at lowering our risk of exposure.

The actual effective rate depends on the material used. Usually metal mesh, sheet metal or plasma is used; if there are any holes in the material, they cannot be bigger than the radiation. Obviously this is because the radiation would just go through the holes and the material would be completely useless. The thickness of the material will also make a difference as to how much protection it will actually provide.

One method which is often recommended for radiation shielding is Demand Switches. These are used to cut off the electricity at the fuse box when a switch is turned off. This stops any electricity from constantly flowing through the cables around the home and stops unnecessary risk of exposure.

As people become more aware of the dangers of EMF and RF radiation, property prices are declining in areas with high electromagnetic fields, such as those areas near cell phone towers. If you live in a densely populated urban area, your exposure will be greater than your rural counterpart due to the networks in office buildings and businesses.

Overall there are things you can do to protect yourself and your family against the effects of radiation. Purchasing the right equipment could give you greater peace of mind so it is certainly worth looking into.

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